Why was SIOOT the first in the world to think of an effective Ozone Ozone Therapy protocol for the treatment of Covid19?

We have the first data on the use of ozone oxygen on patients affected by the Covid-19 virus.
From the first report of one of the 17 hospitals where ozone therapy is being performed according to the protocol of the SIOOT (Scientific Society of Ozone Ozone Therapy), 10 patients in serious or very serious conditions have had a rapid and decisive improvement.

After just 5 treatment sessions, of the 5 intubated, one has improved to the point of being extubated and the others are improving significantly.
The patient in less serious conditions, after a few sessions of Oxygen Ozone Therapy, recovered and returned home.

The group’s only deceased was in widely compromised conditions, ozone therapy was practised as an extreme attempt, but there was nothing more to do. In the technical report, the doctors wrote that after 5 treatments with Ozone Ozone Therapy as per SIOOT protocol, the patients are all much better.

After practising Oxygen Ozone Therapy, doctors found the following evidence:
1.    a general improvement in clinical conditions;
2.    a normalization of body temperature (that is, patients are suffocated);
3.    a reduction in Reactive Protein C (PRC);
4.    a normalization of the heart rate;
5.    an improvement in saturation and reduction of oxygen support;
6.    a normalization of renal function (creatine).
To better understand the meaning of these data, we interviewed prof. Marianno Franzini, president of SIOOT International and promoter of the treatment protocol together with prof. Luigi Valdenassi and SIOOT.

According to Franzini, the most relevant data is that the improvements, in addition to being significant, occurred in just 5 days of therapy.

For a more careful evaluation, Franzini asked the opinion of four colleagues directly involved in the care of patients with Covid-19, and all confirmed that these are very important results, because none of the people affected by Covid-19 has had an improvement as fast and as stable as that experienced in patients treated with oxygen-ozone.

“A doctor who is treating Covid-19 patients – said Franzini – revealed to me that no treatment protocol is giving the same results as ozone therapy.”

When asked what are the reasons why Oxygen Ozone Therapy is so effective, Franzini explained that, from the autopsies of the deceased due to Covid-19, it appears that the virus immediately attacks the microcirculation causing a disseminated thrombosis. And it is precisely there that, together with the antiviral effect, ozone oxygen is even more decisive precisely because it reactivates and strengthens the microcirculation.“Considering the goodness of these first data, it would be very important – Franzini underlined – to make sure that ozone therapy was practised at the beginning, when the swab turned out to be positive, so that patients could be treated before their conditions aggravate, thus managing to avoid hospitalization.”Dott. Antonio GaspariEditorOrbisphera.it

Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

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