Ozologica full range


Set of Ozologica products consists of:

  • OleoSan®
  • OzonAge®
  • OleoRevive®
  • OleoSport®


OleoSan® is enriched with ozonated vegetable oil and has a very strong natural hygienisation and sanitising action. It is extremely effective for antimicrobial and anti-mycotic treatments of the skin. It is the only oil-based cosmetic in the Ozologica range and is a total-body solution. OleoSan® can also be used on pets for the treatment of wounds or rashes.


OzonAge®, is a natural age-control cosmetic cream, formulated by a balanced mix of active ingredients derived from organic plants and ozone to ensure maximum effectiveness. The proper use of this preparation is perfectly tolerated by the skin, which makes it an optimal cosmetic to obtain and maintain the epidermis with a clear improvement upon usage.


OleoRevive® is a cream enriched with ozonated vegetable oil, containing peroxides and ozonides and is recommended for treatment against cellulite. The components are stabilised and combined with selected natural extracts to reach a natural revitalising formula promoting flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Anti-cellulite Total Body Cream


OleoSport® was created for the relief of muscular stress. It assists in relieving muscle aches, offers a soothing effect and reduces lactic acid formation formed during physical or intense activity. OleoSport® is useful for muscular pain such as back pain, cervical pain, and knee and shoulder pain. Anti-Fatigue and Muscle Recovery Body Cream



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