Lung cancer

– Deon Carlitz
I would like to share our Testimony with you today.
My mother-in-law was diagnosed with throat & lung cancer in March last year. She only had 25% lung function left as the rest was already eaten away by the cancer.
Doctors advised us that at her age of 88 and due to the severity of her cancer, chemo would not help and we were sent home to make her comfortable & spend her last days with her.
We took her home and my wife, Salome continued caring for her as she’s done for the past 27 years.
My sister –in –law brought her Aqua Ozone machine over and we started sterilizing her room and also to give her more oxygen, 3-4 times a day and above all we prayed over her, used mass and believed that God will heal her.
She weighed only 42kg (before photo) The next photo is taken a year later all due to Ozone, Faith and Prayer.

Stay healthy & sleep better

– Kathy
Since we bought our ozone machine we have used it religiously every
day. We haven’t had flu since buying it and would definitely
Recommend. The benefits of using one are phenomenal.
Don’t wait to get ill… Buy one ASAP
You sleep better and it kills bacteria in the bedroom
We even take it with when we travel – bacteria in hotel rooms.
In 2013 we had a demonstration of an ozone machine ( not Aquaozone ) . Ozone made complete sense. The benefits are huge.
Then in 2015 we came across Aquaozone at Decorex in Durban. Listened to the benefits etc and walked on.
I then said to my husband “if one of us ever gets sick I will beg borrow or steal to get an ozone machine”
We turned around and bought it!! Prevention is better than cure

No longer requires an oxygen mask

– Nico
It has helped the Aunty tremendously. Previously she was on oxygen 24/7, and while she was sleeping she would dislodge the oxygen mask which was a problem.
She ozonenates the bedroom 10 times a day for 20 minutes so she doesn’t have to use the oxygen mask. She asks me when she gets flustered to switch on the generator for her.
I would highly recommend this system to anyone


– Annemarie
To sum up, it is fantastic. We use the ozone elite every day in the bedroom to oxygenate the room before we sleep and over the weekends in the bath. The ozone elite work for us and we are considering investing in another unit for our children as a wedding gift. When I get up in the morning my head is clear and I no longer suffer from headaches with the need to take painkillers. We sleep far better than previously and we wake up energized. In addition, we no longer get colds and flus.
The product has been a tremendous investment in our family’s health and we will be forever grateful

Improvement of shortness of breath & increased energy levels

– Linette
I highly recommend the ozone elite to everyone with lung and sinus problems. My husband’s breathing has improved dramatically since using the Ozone Elite. He no longer suffers from shortness of breath even though his lungs were damaged due to mine work. AND we have improved energy levels.
Thank you to the Ozone Elite Team, you definitely have had a positive impact upon our lives.

Better breathing, less phlegm

– Anthony
The Aqua Ozone is a wonderful product to have in our house. For a short time that we as a family have been using the Ozone Elite we have experienced a huge benefit in my breathing, the phlegm has become loose and I can now preform at my work. I previously used intervenes ozone and that is why I trust ozone.

Prevention of flu & pneumonia

– Dr. Christiaan Herbst
We purchased 3 Ozone Elite’s, One for ourselves and 2 for our children. As a Doctor I administered the Flu jab and other medication to prevent flu and pneumonia. In spite of this I contacted double Pneumonia. I took further medication with no success. I started using the Ozone Elite sitting in front of the generator taking in the deep breaths of Ozone. I repeat this procedure daily and so far have been very healthy since.

Improved sleep, muscle pain relief

– Clarissa
What a wonderful machine. To prevent any runny noses and sniffles we place the generator in each room for 20min in the mornings and the evenings and voila no colds and flu. Myself and the children also use it in the bath 2 or 3 times per week in the evenings. The children are crazy about the bubbles.
The ozone elite have changed our lives. Our quality of sleep has improved dramatically we sleep until 7am in the mornings which is naughty but very lekker.
The pain in my husband’s calves has disappeared within a week. In addition my headaches are far fewer. I think the benefits are endless. I take my machine everywhere with me.